• 2S Concrete Sand

    Washed 2S Concrete Sand is a natural washed concrete sand that meets all NCDOT specifications. This sand is multi-functional construction sand that is permeable, and has low moisture content. This type of sand has multiple uses. It can be used in Ready- Mix concrete and asphalt mixes, pipe bedding and septic systems, bioretention filter sand, snow & ice control. (Ask about sand and salt blends)

  • Masonry Sand

    Washed Masonry Sand is natural washed sand. It is consistent in color and low in moisture content. This sand has multiple applications for both construction and other recreational uses such as in specialty mortar mixes, landscaping projects, additional erosion control properties in soil blends and as a base material for pavers and steppingstones. This product is also often used in horse arenas, sandboxes, beach sand and volleyball courts topdressing fairways and other grassed areas.

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